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♚— “W-Wait! No you don’t!” He reached out, gripping the magi’s long braid gently. “J-Judar! Where have you been?” The bluenette glanced up, his eyes glistening sadly. “..You should check in on me more. Aren’t..couples supposed to do that? Olba and Toto are always seeing each other, so..”


♚— “..At least let me hug you back.”


Found pants for yukine! Other than the shoes, which shouldn’t be too hard- he’s ready for Naka! (I didn’t wrap my chest for these photos- but I will at the convention :p)

{ Messing with the sleeping Ali’s~

{/ Casually draws on Alibaba’s face while he sleeps. }

Aladdin and Alibaba’s Reunion | Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Ep. 20

❧—— Everyone is so happy tonight. So why,

❧—— ..will this lonely feeling not go away?

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"How have I…been?" He asked quietly, looking down at the youth before offering something of a kind smile. At least, he hoped it was kind. His hands wrapped around the wood of his staff, head cocking slowly to one side. Aladdin had always been a king young man, offering to the world anything he could offer. The two had once been so much alike. 

But now… 

"I’ve… been surviving," He answered truthfully, reaching out a hand to settle on that head of blue hair. Marga would have been this height one day. She would have kept growing and growing, staying by him until she was able to thank him. She would have grown old next to him and would have had a wonderful life of the sensations she’d been robbed of.

Now Marga wouldn’t even have the joy of going to school, of learning who she was or enjoying the many foods around the world. Of reading books or, or falling in love

Right— he had a guest. 

 ”W-What brings you here? Did you need to talk to me about something?” 

❧—— Titus was changing. That was painfully obvious to Aladdin. His lips curled into a small frown, unable to keep up the smile people loved so much. It hurt him to see Titus struggle this way. There had to be something he could do..-

❧—— This wasn’t time to be sad. Titus needed him to smile if nothing else. He shook the thoughts from his head, his smile reappearing on his face once again. “Not particularly. I just wanted to see you.” He reached out, touching Titus’s hand that was firmly gripping his staff. “Even a magi deserves a break sometimes. Will you..come with me? My turban can carry two!” He extended his hand, “You know, I haven’t been here very long..but I’ve learned something-“

❧—— “When someone starts to love you, your life is no longer just your own. You have to live for them, even if they aren’t around anymore. Alibaba..lives his life for his friend everyday. So..” Aladdin wrinkled his nose, forcing back any tears or frowns wanting to force their way out. “Your a dear friend of mine, and everyone else at the academy. We all love you, so..”

❧—— “Don’t give up. Even if things seem dark, I’ll be there! Your not alone. I’m..going to stay here for a while. I’m not Sindria’s magi, so I’m free to do that if, you know..” He smiled, “If you’ll let me stay, I want to stay by your side.”