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New Roleplay blog! He is from Star Ocean, but its multi-fandom so I’ll roleplay with anyone (OC’s included!) <3

“Don’t you think that if you keep lying, eventually no one, not even yourself, will be able to believe your own words?”

- Aladdin [Magi] (via x-bochan)
judalmagi123 whispered:
((-runs and hugs- ))


♚— “W-Wait! No you don’t!” He reached out, gripping the magi’s long braid gently. “J-Judar! Where have you been?” The bluenette glanced up, his eyes glistening sadly. “..You should check in on me more. Aren’t..couples supposed to do that? Olba and Toto are always seeing each other, so..”


♚— “..At least let me hug you back.”


Found pants for yukine! Other than the shoes, which shouldn’t be too hard- he’s ready for Naka! (I didn’t wrap my chest for these photos- but I will at the convention :p)

{ Messing with the sleeping Ali’s~

{/ Casually draws on Alibaba’s face while he sleeps. }

Aladdin and Alibaba’s Reunion | Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Ep. 20

❧—— Everyone is so happy tonight. So why,

❧—— ..will this lonely feeling not go away?

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